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Thesis driven Web3 venture investment since 2018.

About Us

Espeed Capital is an asset management company that focuses on blockchain technology and related token investments. Our investment stages include seed round, angel round, and private equity round of infrastructure and decentralized applications.

Espeed Capital is based in Silicon Valley and invests globally. The fund management team has a wealth of experience in technology, operation, finance, and investment fields in Silicon Valley. The fund has influential limited partners. Combining the team‘s extensive resources in the US and China, Espeed Capital offers not only top-notch financial and operational support but also critical technical and industrial resources for portfolio projects. We aim to grow with entrepreneurs and build world-class token economy entities.

Espeed Co-founder Alan Xing has invested in Bitcoin since 2013 and achieved more than 100x returns in crypto investments. Previously, Alan co-founded Silicon Valley social media company SNS Analytics with more than 10 million users. Alan was an early employee of Salesforce.

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